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1 - Position the oven :

Choose a location where the oven can take full advantage of the light from the sun. Place it so that the opening is facing the sun, maximizing the absorption of energy.

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Place the Tagine in the oven:

Put your food in the tagine, seal with the lid, and then place it in the oven.

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Adjust the Focal Point

Find the focal point where the sun's rays are focused by ensuring that it is positioned on the lid of the tajine.

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Regular checks

Reorient the oven and adjust the lens every 20 minutes. This attention ensures that each dish is cooked evenly and with care.

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Precautions for use

Avoid touching and staring at the focal point, or use a sunglasses

To clean the oven

Wipe the lens, the plexiglass and the inside of the oven using a damp cloth